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Customization and maintenance of leather bags

Customization and maintenance of leather bags


Customization of leather bags

Customized leather bags can be divided into three categories: custom-made drawings, custom-made samples, and custom-made designs. First of all, if the customer only has a simple picture, it is difficult for the manufacturer to produce exactly the same bag. The woman pu tote bag manufacturers needs to know the relevant size, material, style details, etc. for the customized bag.

So customers need to determine these details in advance. If the customer provides the design, it is easier to customize than the drawing. The manufacturer of the customized pu tote bag only needs to communicate the materials, price and delivery date to start the proofing. The best thing is that the customer can customize the sample, and the manufacturer can use the sample as a reference to speed up the process.

The custom-made drawings requires relatively high strength from the manufacturers, so you need to pay attention to find some large-scale and strong manufacturers. Customized bags is a meticulous process. If you want to ensure the quality of your product, it is best to find a suitable manufacturer and reserve a little more time for the manufacturer. As a pu leather handbags manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience in customizing leather bags, leather goods are worthy of trust!

Common knowledge of maintenance in leather bags

1. Avoid leather goods not scratching, raining, or being contaminated by stains.

2. Do not expose the leather products to sunlight, it may cause the leather goods to dry out and fade.

3. Dip a dry towel with water once a week and wring it out, repeating it several times to wipe gently.

4. Carry out regular maintenance of leather bags. Before maintenance, wipe with a little care solution on the bottom or inside of the leather bag to be inconspicuous. After confirming that there is no problem, wipe it as a whole.

5. When using the leather care solution, wipe the care solution on a clean cotton cloth first, and then gently wipe the surface evenly. Do not apply the care solution directly to the leather to avoid damaging the leather.

Types of leather bags

1. Distinguish according to material

The genuine leather contains: cow, sheep, horse, pig, deer, snake, crocodile leather, etc. Most of the fur on animals can be made of genuine leather (the most commonly used is leather), the more rare the animal is, the more precious the leather is.

Imitation leather: PVC, PU, rubber and other chemical fiber materials. The distinction between the advantages and disadvantages of imitation leather is more complicated. In general, the better the imitation leather process and feel, the more expensive it is, and the more the appearance quality is like leather, the more expensive it is. Leather is generally superior to imitation leather.

2. According to the material level

A. The dermis: the first layer of skin (animal epidermal layer), the second layer of skin (the dermis after a part of the skin and meat tissue below the animal skin layer is coated with a chemical film), the skin embryo (also called anti-dermal velvet, which is the bottom layer of skin and even Skin made of muscle tissue)

B. There are many kinds of imitation leather, and most of them can only be distinguished by looking at the bottom of the skin and the area of the coating layer.

The quality is generally divided into: the first layer of skin is better than the second layer of skin is better than the skin embryo imitation leather

3. By material production area

Imported leather is generally better than domestic leather, and imported leather from Europe and the United States is generally better than imported leather from Australia, South America and Asia.

4. Distinguish according to the production process: generally: pure hand-made "better" semi-hand-made "better" than pure machine-made.

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