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Contracted wind in the New Year, you're worth it - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-18
Abstract: by the end of the carnival to ing, colorful winter clothing constantly refresh the line of sight, you what is missing? ? ? A simple atmosphere, have tie-in leather handbags, leather handbags, super capacity to satisfy various needs daily, not contend in fragance and fascination with carefully build dressing style, just for a good addition to the overall supporting peace of mind to do, at any moment can create customized of security. 1 affordable and durable nylon bag was silent with a lot of youth time, backpack with contracted practical caring hands free design, bring full of youth fashion sense, match all young black color, under the condition of the said come away, number of portable large capacity most worry. 2 bags in the shape of a genuine leather handbags, leather handbags, practical skills to reach full time since needless to say, style can sprout can cool screeding wear line, weaving grain ornament, leather rivet unruly, details reveal avant-garde fashion sense, overall modelling with round elegant able to bear or endure look, is practical and comfortable good and inexpensive. Rivet plus 3 soft cowhide material, hale and hearty, whole contracted and do not fall convention, threat of cool feeling, practical light shoulders or joker atmosphere one shoulder two back method, multi-function changed follow, reveal a good quality, fit love freedom of mind. 4 small bag is always the important one of popular, especially for small size of beauty, carrying easily, college style restoring ancient ways, modelling is chic not make public, like the envelope, readily available in the hands of the key to open the mystery of the fashion. Win 5 with large capacity and joker tote bag is to buy food is going to burn Qian Zhixuan fashionable, formal leisure can harness, fashionable effortlessly, line is contracted and the elegance of casual, joker color, medium size, texture type leather make a pragmatic commuter collect inside package. 6 atmosphere elegant shape recognition degree is high, the eternal wings type package from either side to release the space, more lively style, workplace commuting or taking snapshots are show temperament, cute plush pendant deck all show is nifty and joy from the detail to the whole to the price can let a person fondle admiringly. 7 angular hale pragmatic and cabin window of British wind leather handbags, leather handbags, with large capacity and a very good match capture the hearts, deduce the urban OL van and noble van and restoring ancient ways, build up the bridge of ideal and life, isn't acosmia contracted and the atmosphere into various styles.
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