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Committed to environmental protection of guangzhou leather factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-04
Environmental protection is the trend of today, guangzhou leather factory must match the time nearly, follow the trend. Walks to today, each person's behavior, both must consider the environmental protection, to achieve consistent with environmental protection requirement. Environmental protection in manufacturing, but also must pay attention to one of the factors, guangzhou leather factory, of course, no exception. Industry for guangzhou leather factory also has the strict request, such as raw material, glue, production process, all must meet environmental standards, only have ring assurance guangzhou leather factory can carry out production. Over the years, guangzhou leather factory yao da leather has been committed to environmental protection, environmental protection products. Such as strict optional leather, using only standard glue, ensure the production environment without pollution, etc. As early as a few years ago, yao will develop together and a French customer Portuguese cork bark handbags series product, is the first domestic cork bark bag manufacturers. And development together with customers from Malaysia, Taiwan and the production of marble stone bag bag, become a beautiful beautiful scenery line in the bag in the family. Along with the advance of science and technology, and the people to the attention of plastic waste, RPET become a kind of new environmental protection material bags, namely RPET bags. RPET meaning ( Recycling) Polyethylene terephthalate, as early as 1941 by the British development, over the years has been widely used in packaging, clothing, furniture and other industries, apply it to the fashion, however, was nearly a year or two. Because it catered to the environmental protection concept, RPET bags are very popular in Europe and the us also gradually into the Chinese market. RPET bag material change is flexible, rich colors, more in line with the concept of fashion, can let designers bold play, so the RPET bag design is very rich. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather production experience, with environmental protection material bag become numerous customers welcome RPET bag manufacturers. At guangzhou leather factory of ourself, environmental protection is a timeless topic, we will be committed to environmental protection, at the same time providing customers with high quality materials, bags handbags production and processing of OEM OEM, bag, bag, etc.
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