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Classification and selection of Mummy bag

Classification and selection of Mummy bag


Mummy bag is specially designed and produced for the convenience of taking care of infants and young children. The articles for infants and mothers are put into bags in different categories to provide convenience for mothers to take their children out. From the category of luggage and bags, mommy bags belong to functional bags.Mommybags are the derivative products of cases and handbags that fully meet the needs of the market. The appearance of mommy bags is closely related to the change of modern child-rearing concepts, child-rearing thoughts and child-rearing habits, and is the inevitable product of the development of child-rearing industry.


Mommy bags can be roughly divided into four categories: single shoulder, double shoulder, crossbody bag for women and carry-on.

1, The single shoulder is suitable for mothers and babies short time shallow outdoor, shoulder is the main advantage of free hands, so that the mother more convenient to take care of the baby.

2, Double shoulder back is suitable for mother and baby long time deep outdoor activities, such as: the whole family travel for more than one day.The main point of the double shoulder is that the weight is evenly distributed between the shoulders, reducing the sense of load.

3, Cross-body bag is not only suitable for mother back, also very suitable for father to back, natural free and easy back method, very fashionable and convenient.

4, Portable suitable for fashion mother, tide mother with baby go shopping, so that the mother and convenient and fashionable.

In addition, the shoulder mommy bag capacity, can meet the needs of mothers and babies for a long time out. woman pu tote bag is not a big part of a mother's bag because it takes up her hands to take care of her baby.

Generally speaking, the size of mommy bags is relatively large. Most of them are equipped with inner bladder, and some even have milk bottle bags. The design is very humanized.So the price is not very low. Mothers if often take the child to go out, can consider. Actually this basically sees individual case, deck darling is used, put a small sheet again. Second, some mothers do not think it is too big to use, mother bag is expensive and mostly not good-looking, find a bigger bag, can also replace.

How to pick a mommy bag:

There are so many styles of mommy bags now, so it will be a little difficult to choose. Common fabrics such as cotton, canvas, Oxford cloth, leather is relatively rare.

1. When choosing a mommy bag, first of all, you should consider the size of the fashion handbag, according to your own height and body shape to choose, but also to see how many things you need to take out every time, choose the right size.

2. Secondly, consider the style, most of which is cross-body, but some designs can be hung on the bassinet or baby buggy, so you can carefully consider when choosing.The design of bag model design and liner is very important actually, the be fond of according to oneself need when buying and need careful choice.

3, The last is environmental protection waterproof, but also more important.Ask questions before you make a decision.

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