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Choose and buy the purse from which aspects?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-13
Relative to other handbags category, wallet price is cheaper, female friends if you want to change your style and mood, can easily get in a purse. So the choose and buy the purse from which aspects? The first is the style of wallet. The purse on design generally divided into short and long. Give a person the sense of intellectual elegant long purse, but it's not convenient to carry, when you want to change into small bags out, long wallet to store will become a big problem. And short a wallet is small in size, give a person the feeling of concise and agile. In addition, the wallet generally divided into twenty percent and three SheKuan. Venus advised to choose a short paragraph leather brand purse female friends, had better choose three SheKuan. Because thirty percent purse for more, for credit card, bank card more female friends, more practical. The second is the color of the wallet. Wallet on the choice of the color also is very exquisite, such as purple, red can make you appear unlimited passion, orange, green, bright yellow, give a person the sense of the youth lively, classic black and white color gives a person a kind of elegant. The choice of different color to a certain extent, reflect the temperament of a woman, so female friends to choose according to own hobby. The last is the wallet material. When choosing a purse, it is important to note that the wallet material, compared to other bags, wallet open more, so more easily damaged. In addition, female friends in many cases are used purse, a high quality wallet more can improve the taste of female friends.
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