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Blockbuster information, be sure to look! About the leather belt way of packing

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-02
Properly stored leather belt is very important. As a leather belt manufacturer, guangzhou yao da leather factory is a production and processing a large number of customers at home and abroad, the electric business platform of the leather belt, belt is in the majority of men. In cooperation, the leather belt way of packing has been yao except quality of special emphasis, special consultation to clients. Why is this? Many clients think, genuine leather belt packaging, should be the same as leather handbags, leather handbags, belts manufacturer to packaging to sell the best step: directly into selling gift box or bag. So for the customer the most convenient, cost is the most cost-effective. It's not. Leather is very delicate, very easy to wrinkle, scratches, fragmentation, and once appear these problems, it is difficult to recover. The problems that wrinkling, rarely on leather handbags, leather handbags, but is easy to appear in the leather belt. This is because, many people will roll up leather belt for a long time, dish up and transport, storage. Yao da leather factory is often the customer request shipment will be packed roll up leather belts, and yao will adhere to the following practice: choose a, playing board, and the leather belt, to understand customer's packaging requirements. If customers have their own transport, sales consideration, must be to pack leather belt or plate rolled up, need in the first place to the customer details: leather belt roll up storage time is limited, so the best sell leather belt in this period of time, to tell the end customer at the same time, after buying leather belt, when not in use, must be flat deposit or suspended. If the use is plain and Nappa leather, should choose good quality leather, can reduce the volume after the wrinkling problem for a long time. According to clients' sales, market positioning, it is recommended that customers use less plain and Nappa leather, choose litchi, cross lines are more grain leather, because there are grain cowhide not easy corrugate, and even if the wrinkle, also not too clear, does not affect the sale and use. Roll up if the customer does not necessarily require packaging, the yao da will be proposed to leather belt flat dress out to the client in the carton, shows before retail leather belt roll up into sales packaging. Also, tell consumers to leather belt flat deposit later. Then if the customer must need to roll up the leather belt packaging, and sales cycle temporarily not sure ( This is mainly refers to the large amount of electricity) , yao can also provide another suggestion: generation of customer delivery by ourself. To customer after checked the goods, will reach the warehouse, leather belts on yao by yao for shipment and before shipment will leather belt involved into the box or bag. Because in the group of specialized warehouses, leather belt can flatten the deposit, and professional delivery personnel, logistics chain, also can accurate to genuine leather belts to the customer designated consumers' hands.
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