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Belt manufacturer will teach you how to identify genuine leather belt materials and how to clean up the problem

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-15
Leather is a natural, you can see the natural attribute of touch is inherited from genuine leather, and leather is synthetic, see you touch the basic are the product of artificial. Leather can withstand the test of time, also can because of a unique & other; Throughout history &; All the more attractive. To say the leather belt because of its cost is not limited by doomed to low cost will be able to play with, good leather belt is more so in the true sense. However, the reality is that, as long as the interior with the skin, businesses without exception will be billed as leather upholstery, moreover spawned & other; Leather belt & throughout; Package industry, it's a pity that the general common on the market of the one thousand seats, with no exception basic are not real leather. According to the waist circumference can choose and buy the right size belt, at the same time corresponding suitable trousers model also can grasp the good, the size of the belt. Specific situation according to the pants, trousers under 30 choose 105 cm belt, 30 to 33 pants choose 110 cm belt, 33 to 35 pants choose 115 cm belt, 35 to 37 pants choose 120 cm belt, 37 to 39 pants choice 125 cm belt, 39 to choose 130 cm belt size 41 trousers. Maintenance method is to use dry towel to wipe clean belt clean water and sewage, using belt cleaning fluid to clean it, and then with a belt care agent ( Can also use the belt cleaning care cream or leather care oil) Coating layer. Deserve to act the role of class not be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not close to acidic items, please use soft cloth to wipe, lest scratches, dirt metamorphism. Leather strong absorption, should pay attention to antifouling, high-grade frosted leather pay particular attention to. If there is stain on the belt, with a clean wet cotton cloth of temperature detergent to wipe, and then let it dry naturally. Formally in inconspicuous corner to try out before use. Belt wrinkle, can use an iron, the temperature in the 60 & ndash; Between 70 ℃. Thin cotton fabric for lining should be used when very hot very hot cloth, at the same time to keep moving the iron. Belt lose luster, usable belt glazing care agent, do not use leather shoes oil to wipe brush. Usually a year or two & ndash; Time polishing, it can keep the belt of the soft and glossy, and can prolong the service life.
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