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Be affected with damp be affected with damp leather wallet? - Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer to help you

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-09
Abstract: recently due to the typhoon hit, the humid weather badly, if you unfortunately be affected with damp be affected with damp leather wallet, that it's really a big bad mood! Below leather manufacturer in guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather to teach you some of the ways to avoid the purse be affected with damp be affected with damp, hurry and see it, may help your leather wallet moistureproof oh! 1, leather wallet should be kept dry and stored in ventilated place. 2, wallet exposure of avoid by all means, fire, water, sharp collision and contact chemical solvents. 3, do not make any waterproof leather purse handler, unfortunately wet wallet, please use soft cloth to wipe dry, don't leave stains or watermark to make leather purse surface buckling occurs. If used in rainy day, should pay special attention to. 4 maintain unfavorable use shoe polish, leather purse. 5 leather purse, grinding sand wet water, avoid by all means should be in raw rubber brush and special supplies clean care, or to sell the fur with their professional lotion scrub. 6, should be carefully protect all metal accessories, high humidity and salt environment will cause the metal accessories oxidation. 7. Leather wallet without, it is best stored in cotton bag, don't put into the plastic bag, because plastic bag air circulation, can make leather is too dry and damaged. Wallet in inserting some soft toilet paper, best to keep the shape of the leather wallet. If no suitable bag, pillowcase is also very old share yo. 8. Purses and shoes, is another type of active material, using the same wallet every day, it is easy to cause cortical fiber elastic fatigue, so like shoes, there are several wallet interactive use, leather wallet if you accidentally wet, can use dry towel blot moisture first, and then blow dry it! Don't direct exposure in the sun, it will make your beloved fade, deformation of leather purse.
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