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'Bag manufacturer with bags made four mesa process - you know Bag manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-30
Can be better used in People's Daily life and work is has a variety of products, is now with better technology products produced can be, and in the people's standard of living in the present is now has a promotion, so people can now choose to also have more products, and now is in the unceasing development of science and technology, the constant development of science and technology is the impetus to the development of a variety of products, is now with more products is better use by people, so in the industry's competitiveness is also a big now, now is have a variety of products are learned by people, also has a variety of products is very be necessary, many industries in the now is more and more people know, luggage industry. The bag factory you know bags produced four mesa process! 1, piece of cutting process: cutting process is bags made one of the four big table-board process, it is the product of parts and components in accordance with the requirements of the process, edge is cut into a certain specification, making it ideal for processing requirements of the next procedure. Slice cutting process, should pay attention to the joint of parts and components, folding, folding, etc. , because these details directly decide the quality of the bags and appearance. 2, on the edge of the parts modification and splice: components on the edge of the modification and splice technology is making the big four bags second mesa process, this process is widely used in bag products, and this process is conducted on the basis of at the edge of the sheet, and it's bags made of suture. Edge decoration tend to have dyeing, frilled edge, edge, edge, curtains, etc. 3, adhesive process: adhesive technology refers to the fabrics with box or lining adhesive application, this process needs to be done through adhesive fabric and box or lining synthesis process, and in general, the bonding process have solid pieces of glue and the glue the two pieces. 4, basic sewing process: sewing, just as its name implies is to suture, popular point is the product of zero, parts in suture. Sewing process is through the zero, parts after the connection of the suture, become a finished product. If for bag manufacturers have want to know more about, please consult the WWW. yaxiapiju1688. com。
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