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'Bag manufacturer' : the wallet is a need for maintenance, but you know that maintain the method of the wallet? - - - - - - Bag manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-07
Is more attention by the leather from a beginning. Is has a variety of types of leather goods, now is a more mature technology in the production of leather goods. But consumers have leather products have more. Leather products in is now has a more people's attention, that are included in the leather industry products has a variety of types. Bag is one of the many leather products, and people used the bag on the now as likely to have more. Is the type of bag has a variety of people in life and in other when applied to the time the bags or you have pretty much. Because has a reliable bag manufacturer is required by the existing products can have a welcome bag. Wallet product is for the life of people is a more active role, follow below bag manufacturer to get to know more information about the wallet! ( 1) Avoid leather purse be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew, bug eat by moth. Should be paid attention to when used at ordinary times, do not contact with oil and acidic and alkaline substances. In the process of clean at ordinary times, join the neutral to mildew, sterilization of special agents can avoid mildew. In addition, in order to prevent mildew, bug eat by moth, before the collection should be properly kept again after cleaning; ( 2) When clean leather purse, it is best to use albatross is wiped. If carelessly on rainwater or other besmirch, inunction don't direct water and gasoline, so as to avoid the leather surface buckling; And should be immediately wipe dry with a soft cloth, wipe after in a well ventilated place, stay dry naturally; ( 3) If leather wallet because of infected with stain and wrinkle, available 60 & ndash; 70 degrees of an iron and ironing, had better use thin cotton cloth lining below; ( 4) If the decoloring phenomenon in a leather purse, leather polish are available, and avoid is used a leather shoes oil is wiped; Leather polishing, with a soft dry to touch a little polish wiped gently one or two times on the wallet; Suggest that an average of two to three months glazing once; ( 5) Leather wallet damaged fracture or if there is a widespread phenomenon, should be looking for a professional repair. If is a little damaged, only can work with some eggs.
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