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Autumn and winter in package, red is excellent - - - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-08
Abstract: guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather small make up on the road encounter before colleague, it is the fate not shallow, warm phase invited to drink a cup of coffee together. Tell each other these days experience, she that had been stuffed into a deformation of the bucket bag caught my attention, asked with a smile & other; Or like that, all the year round throughout a synthetic change again bad yao &; Nao nao head, she is some embarrassed, just haven't started to pay attention to work, and then continue to complain about the not satisfied with the current share of the business. Colleagues that to the world of the deformation of the bucket bag, as I expected, inner clutter at sixes and sevens. Couldn't help but say your bag to sort out the things, thanks to my colleagues don't mind, also will follow this topic to chat, talk about the pay attention to and will. Most of the time you choose to do, then may be will waiting for you. You will finish the job is obvious, so you will be a promotion and pay increase order compromise on the back. Don't think the life just will affect the work, the more things will always has the time which will affect the work, like the old colleague secretarial work, the boss will not free her from sundry available bag bottom up pen and paper. Also don't pay attention to and material on the equal sign, don't think no money is exquisite, TV series 'when he comes, please close your eyes' professor wal as thin very don't understand JianYao spend so long time to decorate a room, think that it is useless, JianYao but insist that it is her basic requirements of the quality of life. Yes, as a girl, can need not to drown in the brand-name luxury, but should have the stress of life. Pay attention to the people must be the pursuit of luxury goods. One hundred dollar bag, as long as you diligently collocation can also carry out big effect. Throughout the year no matter what clothes is the same bag, it is not as good as not to bring a bag, the light went out. Statement down old colleague should humbly ask what she should do to change, her cute joke I, conveniently refers to her bag, just start with it. First of all should take up the bag to the deck of the girls life role, handbags is not only a mobile kit, it is also an important member of collocation, shaping the image of the good helper. Dark autumn winter season in the clothing color, if you only have the money and the ability of a bag, then might as well choose red, let the warm light red bag you fall and winter, let the mood also follow up. Winter is thinking of opening hibernation mode you, isn't it with lower temperature, enthusiasm began to cool down? Pick up your bag and go out take a show, pressing the road around the park, qiu dong's scenery is very beautiful, and dress up before you will be a scenery of the eyes of others, life is so beautiful. Bags such adornment also is not the more the better, where is the truth, nothing more is not only to find a suitable own, but also to find the right you wardrobe right this time. High quality bag item a lot, waiting for your share of the exquisite, to find belong to your character. Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer want to say: please love your girls do a guarantee for the quality of life, you will get seriously serious response.
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