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Arbor Day, guangzhou leather factory of the new leather handbag 'planted' in your hand?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-17
Abstract: the Arbor Day is a symbol of wisdom, tenacity, environmental protection, representing the vigor of spring. Guangzhou leather handbag factory yao da leather foundries in 2019 a new leather handbag has, hurry to their spring & other; Plant & throughout; Some leather handbags ~ first of all, once derided by a black briefcase, became the new trend in 2019. Show in spring and summer, no matter is dignified and elegant for hermes, is known for its traditional classic gucci, all kinds of brand launched to traditional elements of black bag. Looks serious, temperament is composed of black gold element, with dignified and elegant attitude, to join in the black with a light, bright gold on stage in the spring of 2019. Of restoring ancient ways is popular, in 2019 female bag trend, also covered a large swath of jiangshan. Not for relaxing and restoring ancient ways of restoring ancient ways, belongs to a kind of very neutral elements, even men can easily perfect control. Retro presbyopic bags, atmospheric vigorous, appearing in the detail elaborate, belong to the eternal classic. 2019 the new trend of female bag, in the cortex, in addition to basic cowhide, crocodile-embossed again returned to the line of sight of people. From a decent briefcase to small hand bag, many big-name adopted the cortex. As technology constantly updated, crocodile-embossed leather material, on the visual effect is very close to the crocodile, texture clear and beautiful, add atmosphere to bag capable of feeling, has a sense of city, the queen's domineering, snowboarding progresses more enough. Guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer of women's leather bags ordered, paying attention to handbags fashion trends and popular elements of yao da leather factory, with exquisite workmanship of the production team, workshop! Equipment fine! Strict management, high production capacity. The correct delivery date. Service is excellent! Guangzhou baiyun district ladies leather handbag is a leader in OEM factory in 23 years of experience in OEM brand ladies bag, authoritative test! The quality! Get the thumb up high praise of many customers at home and abroad for many years and has a number of industry honors, stick a card manufacturer is a reliable good bag, welcome consulting for free.
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