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A treasure leather handbag custom and guangzhou leather handbag factory custom difference

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-17
Abstract: with the improvement of living standards, the brand handbag enthusiasts group has soared, and appeared on the Internet a lot of private custom leather industry. Today, guangzhou yao da leather factory is a grilled steak to a treasure bag on custom shops and handbags factory custom difference. Custom handbags shop on a treasure, mostly leather small workshops, private custom or some craft hobbies in production, such a shop is small, generally 3 people can form a small workshops, and yao da leather foundries tens of thousands of square meters workshop, 300 for a master. Second, the price is high, the leather small workshops due to the lagging equipment, production cycle is long, the price is high, and rich in yao da leather factory production capacity, advanced equipment, can come to map incoming sample custom. 3 it is material problem, small workshops and private custom raw material route is not clear, not to do color fastness, leather softness, folding resistance, permeability test, such as even their leather will be recycled back from big factory scrap, environmental protection and other issues are there is a big risk, and yao da leather factory, are subject to a series of rigorous testing for raw materials, has many years cooperation leather hardware suppliers, low prices, good quality. Four is a single style, production experience has certain limitations, yao da leather handbag contract years playing board countless, 23 years of experience working experience proofing more accurate, more in line with the beauty of consumer psychology. The superiority of guangzhou yao da leather factory, is style, price concessions, as customers need not worry about production capacity. If you are a private custom clients, proposal on taobao search studio custom, don't look for small workshops of unknown origin. If you have mass production orders, you are advised to choose large entities like yao da leather factory factory, from anxiety, after all. This is the difference between online customization and factory.
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