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5 Traits Women Want in Men

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-04-18
It would be so wrong to think that all women are alike. However, we do have some similarities. We like flowers, chocolates, jewelries, types of handbags, and, of course, men with irresistible charm. Here are 5 traits we women want to find in men. Confidence Confidence is the one thing women consistently say they want in men. It makes men seems strong, and reliable to us. Then what is confidence? I think confidence is like when encountering something difficult men thinking 'I can do that' and then doing it. It comes from men who are willing to take on challenging endeavors and accomplish them. Confidence breeds success, and success attracts women. Ambition Men always think that all women care about is money, but it's not the fact. What we care about is not your wealth, but your ambition and ability to produce wealth. Women will fall in love with men having nothing but the ambition and passion to earn everything, but we will never show interest in men without ambition. That means you can be a dish washer, but only if you have goals to be the head chef, you are attractive to us. Responsibility As for women, the ideal men should be responsible for love, family and future, as we need to find security from men. Security is something that women absolutely must have, when it could be most likely found in men with responsibility. Sense of Humor It's easy to understand why women always show much favor to men with sense of humor, as we all know how much more popular humorous people than dull people. Life is not easy, while humor could make your life less tough. If you can make a woman laugh you have her halfway in the bed. Good Taste This is an inside trait reflected by the outside features. Just like men love beautiful women, we also love good-looking men. But we aren't asking for much. We care more about your dressing taste than looks. Tidy suits, fancy watches, stylish men bags, and clear cologne could adequately show your good taste. The 5 traits I listed above are just part of woman's expectation to our ideal men. You need to be reliable inside, and pleasantly looking outside as well. So, pick up the right men bag today. That's a lot to learn how to be an attractive man.
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