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4 Best Luggage For Men

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-04-21
Don't just go for sturdy black luggage if you are looking for an ideal travel bag. There are luggage sets for men out there that can still fit your idea of the perfect travel companion. Here are some of the best ones in the market: 1. Quiksilver Men's Accomplice Luggage If you are looking for a handsome-looking bag, this should be a good choice. With its inconspicuous stripes and blue and grey accent, it should suit the design standards of most men. It has a removable backpack handle so you can use it as a backpack or as a rolling bag. It comes with a heavy duty retractable handle and zipper. The wheels are made from smooth materials to allow you to glide this bag easily on any floor surfaces. It does not make a lot of noise if you roll it around. The size is just right even for international travels. It comes with different external storage pockets as well. It has a clam style opening so it suits the storage preferences of people looking for efficient luggage. The fabric is made from 600 Denier polyester fabric so it should last for many years. 2. DAKINE Men's Overhead Luggage There are so many DAKINE designs to choose from. If you are looking for preppy designs, you can always pick the luggage sets encased in checkered fabric. You can also go for the acid-washed designs. Other than being stylish, this bag also boasts of good construction. It can be easily used as a hand-carry bag. With its flexible outer covering, it can be easily pushed and shoved to fit compartments. But despite that, it does not wear out easily. 3. Targus XL Rolling Case If you are bringing your laptop with you, you should get a luggage bag that can also double as a laptop bag. This one from Targus should be a good choice. It fits standard notebooks with 17 inches of screens. Your equipment is safe and secure within its comfortable padded interior. It has been equipped with in-line skate wheels and 3-stage telescoping handle. You should be able to carry your bag without a hitch. The ergonomic handle can be carried without discomforts. 4. SOLO D535-3 Classic Collection Colombian Leather If you are looking for a leather bag, this one from SOLO looks like a good choice. With its handsome leather design, it should make your whole travel attire look dignified. The inside has been padded to keep your laptop secure and safe. It also comes with different interior and exterior compartments so you can bring your business paraphernalia.
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